Update May 2022 – The Great YouTube Reshuffle



When we last spoke, I had just finished a weekend of three, four gigs, and we went straight from that into a week that was really busy with bookings and enquiries coming in, and the diary felt like it was starting to fill up. Since then, I’ve had the experience that lots of other musicians have had at the moment, which is that things just come in these incredible waves of activity, where everything happens, and then nothing happens for a little while, so the rest of the month has been pretty quiet.

I did a lovely wedding for Jess and Peter last Friday at Gardens House, which was fantastic, with Gianni and Sam, but other than that things have been a little bit slow. But like I say, there’s been stuff coming into the diary, there’s possible residency that’s coming up sometime shortly, so I’ll keep you informed about that if it all comes through, I think it will. We’re plugging away trying to steer clear of Covid and just keep things moving forward, and I think they pretty much are.

Also, those four gigs left me with a lot of video editing to do, so I’ve been plugging away at that. I’ve got a lot of stuff up onto the YouTube channel, so I think we’re up to 60-plus music videos that are on there for people to watch, for people to check out and see whether they want to hire the band or not, and I’m still adding more to it. Probably starting to get towards the point of diminishing returns in terms of having just more and more videos on there – I don’t think too many people are going to sit down and watch 60 videos, but people do search for their favourite song and that sort of stuff, so the more variety of stuff I can have on there, I think the better off we’ll be.

In the process of doing all that editing, I’ve realised that there are a few changes that I need – slash – want to make to the YouTube channel, and I’m actually going to delete some videos that I’ve made for this channel. I’m not going to go into too much detail about why, just on here, for reasons that will become apparent in a second, but suffice it to say that I’m going to reserve this channel now just for the music videos recorded on gigs for people to listen to, and for updates like this, and for introductions to the different groups, which I’m stll recording, and all those things that are directly related to the actual business of The Mood Merchants.

All the other things, which are peripherally related to what we do, they’re going to get loaded off onto their own separate channels.

So if you’re somebody who has arrived at this channel through, for example, my video about the camera which has got 6,000-odd views and quite a lot of subscribers, I’m not going to be putting up any more of that content on this channel. I’ve created a new channel which is called The Mood Merchants Audio and Video, and that’s where I’m going to put any content that’s about gear, and about recording, and video recording, all that sort of stuff, is going to go onto that channel, so if you’re interested in that stuff, I’ll put a little link up here and you can go and subscribe to that channel. There’s not a lot on there just yet, possibly nothing, but that’s where I’ll be putting any of that kind of content if that’s what interests you.

If you’re interested in some of my music industry stuff, again, there’s going to be another channel for that, so all those videos about how the music industry works and how I think it should be working or not working, whatever, all that is going on its own channel, and that’s going to be called The Mood Merchants Industry Ideas.

I’m going to have another channel called The Mood Merchants Wedding Ideas, again I’ll link it up here, and that’s going to be stuff about weddings like the video I made last month about what date you should choose for your wedding.

And then I’ve got another channel, not sure where I’m up to, maybe four channels now, another channel called The Accidental YouTuber, that’s going to be all about just my adventures with YouTube, describing in more detail things like this decision that I’ve made, and why I’ve made it. So if you’re interested in the YouTube side of things, if your interested in my clumsy adventures into the whole medium and trying to figure out how to make it work for me, then that’s where you’ll find that content, and there are a couple of videos from my previous months of recording that will end up there, and again, they’ll be deleted off this channel.

So again, this channel is going to be just the music videos, and these update videos, and other things that are directly related to the core business of what The Mood Merchants is about, which is about supplying music for people to celebrate, commemorate, whatever it is.

Thanks for joining me this month, and I will see you again hopefully next month.

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