Dinner at the Grand Hyatt

Last Thursday, the trio played for a conference dinner at the Grand Hyatt.

It was a professional crowd, friendly and sociable but also purposeful and businesslike. The music needed to supplement that energy and perhaps lighten the atmosphere a little, but without getting in the way of all the important networking that was going on.

At the same time, it was easy to spot a number of music fans (like we find in most mixed audiences) who were quite focused on what we were doing. So that became a performance within a performance, offering the listeners something interesting and creative while pleasing the rest of the crowd with energetic but subtle background music. I’m pleased to say that our trio was up to the task!

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Jazz in the backyard

Last Sunday, we played for a birthday party in a Parkdale backyard. Our client requested a banjo, so we used a special version of our swinging background music trio, bringing in the wonderful Peter Hooper. We played with no amplification at all under the back verandah while the guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and soaked up the atmosphere.

Videos from our quintet rehearsal

On April 29th, we held an open rehearsal at my place in Newport. I’ve only recently moved in, and was the first rehearsal that I’d had in the studio at the back of the house. The room was cosy, especially once we were joined by some prospective clients, but it proved to be a great space for making music in, and the cupcakes that I baked for the occasion were particularly tasty. I set up some video cameras and a simple recording rig, so you can see what it was like. Don’t be concerned by the fact that Mary Louise disappears at one point – she was there, really, she just managed to evade the cameras.