We play at dozens of functions all around Melbourne and Victoria, and we’re fortunate to work with lots of great people and businesses who come together to make those events successful. Here are some who really stand out.


For a classic reception in Melbourne, it’s hard to go past Quat Quatta, where we’ve been playing for years. The surroundings are gorgeous, and the space is very well set up for live music – plenty of room for the band (it’s particularly suitable for our quintet) with a big dance floor, and a slightly separated acoustic which allows us to play energetic dance music for the party animals without overpowering the conversation of people in the dining area. There’s an ornamental courtyard outside where we often play for ceremonies and/or pre-dinner drinks, and a drawing room with a lovely antique grand piano, which provides an alternative spot for canapes. The staff are unfailingly wonderful, and the food is seriously exquisite.

For a more intimate space in the inner city, we can recommend The Willows. It’s a beautiful old building with a formal courtyard at the front, where our trio can play for ceremonies or cocktail-style receptions. It’s a classic-yet-funky nook on the boulevard section of St Kilda Road, where the music blends with the happy babble of conversation and the atmospheric rattle of passing trams. They have an elegant indoor conservatory, too, for sit-down functions.


If you’re looking for great Melbourne wedding photography, we can recommend Andrew Noble Photography, who we cross paths with at lots of upscale events. Andrew has both the personality and the technical skill to create images which are stunning and original in their concept, and full of life – you can see lots of his photographs featured on this site.

We were also fortunate to come across Sabine Legrand at a fashion event. She works discreetly and stealthily around proceedings, finding unique angles and candid views, and she succeeded in making a trio of jazz musicians look glamorous, an achievement which stands as a testament to her skill!