The Mood Merchants come together in four regular jazz-focused groups, each suited to a range of common situations (weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions and promotions). They also specialise in creating custom ensembles for unique or unusual situations.

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The Mood Merchants Quintet features the sublime vocals of Mary Louise Hatch over tight arrangements of classic jazz songs and jazz-infused latin, pop and soul numbers. It can play everything from quiet, intimate background music to full-on dance sets. It is perfect for weddings and corporate events in medium-to-large venues.

The Mood Merchants Trio has three different configurations, each with its own instrumentation and specialist musicians.

There is a swinging background music group, perfect for creating atmosphere at weddings, events and corporate functions.

There is a group dedicated to restaurant roving, a quiet and fully acoustic trio which can go from to table to table providing intimate and interactive entertainment to diners.

And there is a street roving group, a fully acoustic and mobile trio which can create a carnival atmosphere for outdoor events and promotions.

These four groups can cover lots of situations, but if your event needs something a bit unique, we specialise in creating custom ensembles to meet your needs.