Background Jazz Trio

The Mood Merchants Background Jazz Trio is a compact and versatile group which is perfect whenever you need a great jazzy vibe, but without the music dominating the space. We provide music to elevate the occasion, but without compromising the ability for guests to mingle and chat.

The trio has a double bass, a guitar, and either a trumpet or a sax/clarinet player, with vocals as an option, and is suitable for everything from an intimate dinner venue to a large conference hall.

The sound is tight and refined, with the full rich bass and strong rhythmic guitar matched by sweet melodic horn sounds.

We travel anywhere in Victoria, and have a setup which works well indoors or outdoors (provided there is shelter and power).

If you’d like a fully acoustic group which doesn’t need any power, then I’d recommend our Roving Trio. If you would like dancing and/or a concert performance, then I’d recommend our Quintet. But for many events, the Background Jazz Trio hits the perfect sweet spot: accessible, affordable live music which instantly etches an occasion into memory.

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