Photography by Sabine LegrandThis trio provides energy and verve to any event, without being overbearing. The trio has a two-piece rhythm section of bass and guitar, which makes it very compact, and gives good control over volume.

You can have the trio at your function Рbookings are quick and easy. Visit our contact page for a no-obligation quote.

This video shows the trio playing for the Weave Web Christmas function in 2011, featuring Paul Williamson on saxophone:

In the gardens at Gardens House, using no amplification except a battery-powered guitar amp:

At The Plough, featuring David Gardner on clarinet:

Playing for a conference dinner at the Grand Hyatt:

And here they are at Dizzy’s Jazz Club, with Gianni Marinucci on trumpet:

On this page you can see a variation we put together for a banjo-loving client, substituting banjo for guitar.